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She pokes the baby in the eye!


Just before Christmas I wrote to everyone on my email list asking for their questions and I received some really good ones, here is one you may relate too.

One mum wrote;

Thank you for your email. Firstly could I have some advice on how to deal with my 2 1/2 year little girl, as she keeps on poking my baby girl of 3 months in the eye. And when she gets cross, she tips things over....! Could you please give me some tips on how to stop this behaviour!
My Reply;

Thanks for your question.  I have had many replies from parents of 2 1/2 year olds, it is definitely an age when young children are starting to push their boundaries and their luck and a really great time for parent's to set off on the right track with their children regarding handling their behaviour.

There are a few things to suggest with regards poking the baby in the eye;

  • Depending on when it is happening, for example if you are feeding the baby and she is trying to get your attention, you could try a few things such as give her, her own doll to look after, I did this with my daughter when my son was born and she would get her doll and bath, feed or dress her baby alongside me when I was looking after my son, it worked a treat.
  • Keep her busy and save a bag of interesting toys for her to play with at feeding time, changing time and tell her she can play with these toys while mummy feeds baby
  • Sit her by you and read her a story while you feed the baby, this way if she is occupied when you are busy with the baby she is less likely to feel jealous and take it out on the baby.
  • Praise her every time she is kind to the baby so that she feels good about the baby and encourage her to be kind and do little jobs like pass mummy the baby’s blanket. This way she will feel helpful and you have an opportunity to praise her. 
  • If she is poking the baby when you are not looking, you are best to keep her away as much as you can and make sure she is not on her own with the baby.
  • Use a consequence for the unwanted behaviour by nipping the problem in the bud and using quiet time. (please see the guidelines on my website)

A few weeks later I had some really nice feedback from the same mom saying that the tips had worked a treat which is always great to know…

Have you had similar experiences with your children?  Let me know if you use these tips and how you get on, please leave your comments belowJ

Best wishes


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