Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Child Behaviour Course

This Saturday 22nd January my Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour 1 day course is on in Stafford 9.30-4.00. It’s an essential guide for today’s modern parent!!
For more details and to book your place please visit the website….  or email me at
Please let everyone know, email friends and send round this poster or print it out for your work place or nursery.  CBD Poster PDF.pdf
I don’t like sales talk; I’m no good at it, so why not just read what one happy mum said;
The course really helped me to think about how I approach the situation with my children. I realise that I do not follow through with my boys like I thought I did. Now when I say things to the boys they know I mean it and follow through with it. I am much calmer with them and the positive feedback given to them has been so beneficial. The help and tips that Ruth has given me have been very beneficial. I know that I am a better mom because of her advice and helpfulness!!" H.
I really hope to see you there.

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