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How to stay a Positive Parent

How to Stay a Positive Parent!

How to stay a Positive Parent and why it is vital if you want to improve your child's behaviour.! 

In today’s uncertain world you can find yourself in a very negative state and even though you know that it is not helpful, we just don’t know what to do about it. If you have watched ‘The secret’, ‘Beyond the Secret’ or are familiar with the law...s of Attraction and Bob Proctor you will know that you MUST stay positive in order to attract positive things to you and live the life you wish for. Never the less this can often seem very hard to do, especially when you are having a difficult time and it can feel like your mind is spinning out of control with negative thoughts. It is important not to allow yourself to indulge in these negative thoughts as they can be addictive and your mind can become like a bed off weeds if left unattended and open to these negative influences and thoughts.

Realising that negative thoughts are contributing to the problem and will never bring you success, you will hopefully be committed to staying in a positive mindset to help you live a happier life. If however like me, you find it difficult to always stay in a positive, you may like some tips on how on how to do this. The answer to staying positive is easier than you think, although it will take practice and persistence to do, just like most things. You have to build up your ability and get emotionally stronger at it. You have to plant good thoughts and turn your mind onto good things.

You can do this by appreciating the things around you, being grateful for what you already have will attract more good things to you. Appreciate things you may take for granted like, your health, your children, your car, your family, your food, pets, job, clothes, anything that makes you feel good. Take time out to go and look at the wonderful world of nature, admire the flowers, grass, birds and sky. Feel the peace in nature that is always there around you to see when ever you want to. This will move your mind onto more positive things.

Saying ‘thank you’, is a good thought and is simple to do. As you can only think one thought at a time, by looking for positive things and the good in as much as you can, you will override negative thoughts and attract more good into your life. As mentioned in the Secret, You can use any object to trigger your thoughts onto positive things such as a “gratitude rock”, which you place in your pocket and each time that you put your hands in your pocket and feel it, you will be reminded to think of something that you are grateful for.

This really helps you to steer your mind onto good things and keep you focussed on the positive. These ideas will help you when you need to get back into a positive mindset. You will see improvements if you train yourself to make positive thinking a habit in your daily life. The more good thoughts you can plant today, the faster your life will be changed for the better. So look for the positive in your child's behaviour if you want to see positive changes.

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