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10 essential tools to improve your child's behaviour!

If you really want to change your child’s behaviour it’s easy with the right approach. The following 10 essential tools are sure to help you to get from where you are to where you want to be with your child.

1. Have a big enough reason to change
Do you know that if your child had behaviour problems, they are more likely to be unhappy, underachieve and not reach their full potential? Not only that, they are going to be more prone to depression and have troubled relationships in life. Is that a big enough reason to do something about your child’s unwanted behaviour right now! If not then think about the stress that your child’s behaviour causes in your household and how fantastic it would be to end that stress and live the life you want with your family!

2. Focus on the solution

Do you feel like your child’s unwanted behaviour is all you can see in them? Do you feel like you talk and complain about it a lot? The best way to improve your child’s behaviour is to stop focussing on the problem and focus on the solution. You can do this by following rule 3.

3. Use the right parenting strategies

Parenting success is not rocket science you just need to follow tried and tested methods that really work. If you use well intentioned advice from relatives and friends or professionals that improves the situation in the short term but you find it is not curing your child’s unwanted behaviour in the long term and making it worse you need some better parenting strategies.

4. Learn all you can

Why is it, that in today’s society, it is more accepted and easier to join a foreign language course than to it is to take a parenting course? Start helping yourself and other parents by taking a step to making seeking parenting help the norm After all what’s the harm in saying yes I took a parenting course or read a great parenting book and now my children behave really well!

5. Make a plan

By taking steps to learn all you can about your child’s behaviour and proven parenting strategies you can make a plan of action about how you are going to turn things around. If you are going to commit to improving your child’s behaviour you need to have a solid plan so that you know what you are gong to do when your child objects to your new ideas and tries to convince you that you don’t know what you are talking about!

6. Get support

You can make the whole process of improving your child’s behaviour so much easier if you have support around you of like minded people. Just think how great it would be to be able to contact someone who is going to be supportive, positive and helpful in your hour of need.

7. Stay on track

How many times have you started a project, been determined to see it through and found that you get side tracked distracted and never really put the effort in that that you needed to? Yes we have all don it, but by always keeping in mind your reasons to change you can help yourself to stay on track and see the results that you want.

8. Stay positive

By staying positive you can feel happier and more able to cope with your child’s behaviour. If you are taking the advice of these tools you can be sure you are doing the right thing which should help you to feel and stay positive.

9. Be consistent
It stands to reason that consistency is key to improving children’s behaviour. Children who do not know the boundaries rules and consequences of their behaviour will get confused, push their luck and test you constantly to see how far they can go.

10. Know that you have the most influence on your child’s behaviour.

As their parent you have the most influence in your child’s behaviour. This is great because it means that you have the power to improve your child’s behaviour all you have to do is to make a few changes to what you are doing and bingo you will have them eating out of your hand, so to speak!

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Take care Ruth
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