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6 Massive reasons not to criticise your children

‘Don’t expect troubles as they have a tendency not to disappoint’

Napoleon Hill

6 massive reasons not to criticise your children!

Have you ever been critical of your children in the hope that you will get them to behave the way you want them to? I saw this in action the other day when a mother was in the shops with her children and she shouted at her son saying, ‘What did you do that for? Can’t you see everyone looking at you thinking how horrible you are’?
Being critical just seems to be universally accepted within our society and yes we all must have done it and certainly been on the receiving end of it, yet if people gave some thought to just how damaging criticism is, I am sure more people would think twice about doing it. At least I hope so.

6 reasons not to criticise your children;

1 Being critical of children can lead to long term emotional damage, and can be the cause of phobias, compulsive behaviours, inferiority complexes, nervousness and amongst other things, cause children to be self conscious.

2 Children who are perpetually criticised are likely to grow up afraid to use their initiative, be self critical, lack ambition and have little confidence in their own abilities and self worth.

3 Being critical is negative and all negative thoughts and actions attract negative thoughts and actions back

4 Criticism will not bring out the best in our children, or encourage a loving affectionate relationship, but it will make them feel resentful

5 They are likely to grow up very critical of others particularly behind their back and blame others for their mistakes, making them reluctant to learn from their own mistakes.

6 Children may grow up to be over extravagant, over spending to try to feel as good or better than other people.

You can see that children growing up with these sorts of emotions and hangups are going to find true happiness very hard to find, Children are also likely to misbehave as a reaction to the negativity that they feel.

You may find yourself justifying your criticism by saying things such as ‘Yes but he was behaving really badly’. Yet if we remember it is always destructive to be critical and that it blocks us from getting what we want we may think better of it.

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