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What sort of parent are you?

See what sort of parent you are AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW by answering the following questions in these 3 parts.

Part one

Do you have set rules that you follow with a degree of flexibility?

Do you spend time with your child on a regular basis?

Are you a good role model for your child?

Do you use consequences for unwanted behaviour?

Do you encourage your child to be independent?

Are you mindful to try to make your child feel good about their self?

Do you spend time with your child on a regular basis?

Do you encourage your child to try different things?

Do you feel positive about your child‟s behaviour and trust them to behave well in public?

Do you try to raise your child‟s self esteem?

Do you give praise when your child does something good?

Part 2

Are you overbearing to your child and try to be right all the time?

Do you shout at your child to get them to do what you want?

Do you belittle your child to try to get them to do what you want?

Do you shame or humiliate your child into submission?

Do you use physical punishments such a smacking to control your child‟s behaviour?

Do you get angry with your children?

Are you very critical of your child?

Do you seldom or never praise your child even when they behave well?

Do you find it hard to show affection?

Do you have strict routines and never compromise them?

Part 3

Do you give in to your child‟s demands just because you don‟t want to fight and lose again?

Do you ask your child to do something and not follow it up to make sure that they do it?

Do you say you will do something with your child and not keep your word?

Do you give your child age appropriate chores to do in the home?

Do you sit back and let the other parent try to handle your child‟s behaviour?

Do you use consequences for misbehaviour infrequently or never?

Does your child rule the roost?

Are you over indulgent with your child?

Do you give your child what they want even when they have been misbehaving?


Mostly part one;

You are a Positive Parent

Positive parents who have well behaved children expect their children to behave well,
Positive parents are sure that they can handle their children‟s behaviour and they have an air of confidence with their children, they are reliable, trustworthy and dependable and their children know where they stand with them. They keep their children safe and secure and nurture their spirit. They are good role models and inspire their children to learn about themselves and the world in which they live.

Mostly part two;

You are a Strict parent

Strict or authoritarian parents use punishments to try to deter misconduct, but this merely makes the child more cautious in committing his crime, more skilful in concealing his traces and more determined to escape detection. When a child is punished he will simply decide to be more careful not to get caught, and not to be more honest and responsible as we would hope. Strict parents use fear based, demeaning punishments such as smacking, which have no learning value in them and they make everyone feel bad.
Mostly part three;

You are a leinient parent.Lenient parents like most of us want a peaceful life and in order to try and get it they let their children, for the most part, do what ever they want in hope that they will grow out of the unwanted behaviour "soon". They are likely to have little structure to the day and have low standards for their children. They may tolerate childish behaviours or be overindulgent, giving the children too many things and attention regardless of their misbehaviour.

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Best wishes

Do you make rules and not keep them?

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