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Teach your child social skills in four easy steps.

I am sure every parent wants their children to have good social skills, but what are social skills, how do we go about teaching them and why should you bother?
Social skills that children really need to learn in order to get along better with everyone include;
·         Turn taking
·         Praising
·         Asking for help
·         Using quiet voices where appropriate
·         Saying kind things
·         Waiting their turn
·         Listening
·         Resolving conflicts
·         Working as a team
·         Sharing
·         Getting along with friends
·         Patience

Sometimes a child will behave badly because they don’t have the skills to cope with everyday social interactions and if they can’t share their toys or wait their turn, tantrums and arguments can occur.  If you think your child could do with improving their social skills here are 4 steps.
1 Choose and discuss the skill you want to improve, “I would like you to share your toys because it is a friendly thing to do”.

2. Give instructions or guidance, If you see your child starting to get angry about not wanting to share, you can get involved in the game by saying something like, “Diane would like to have a go in the car, please let her have 2 goes round the track while you go on the scooter, then you can have it back for 2 goes round the track”.

3. Practice makes perfect, Keep practicing as often as you can to promote sharing and model it in your behaviour. For example asking someone else if they would like a turn on the swing/bike/ see-saw etc……

4. Praise or consequence, if you see them sharing remember to praise them, if they will not, they need some kind of consequence.

Children who have good social skills are able to get along with other children theywill feel happier and be confident which will have a positive effect on their behaviour.
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