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4 great ways “NOT” to make positive changes in your child’s behaviour.

Are you having difficulties with your child’s behaviour? Do you feel like you are going round in circles and you would like to end the stress that their unwanted behaviour causes? Do you feel like it is your children’s fault and if only your partner did things right everything would be better and why should you make positive changes if know one else will?
If you want to make sure that you don’t make any positive changes (at least until someone else does) here are 4 great ways you can do it!

1 Be resistant!

No matter who tells you that they know the secret to children’s good behaviour, don’t listen, it’s all rubbish and what you are doing already works for you so why listen to them! Stand firm in your convictions and don’t be the change you want to see, regardless of what Ghandi says.

2 Be negative!

Don’t listen to those people who say that like energy attracts like energy. It’s ok to shout, scream, belittle and smack your children because you know in your heart of hearts that you can be negative to them and they will miraculously produce the positive behaviour that you want from them in return. You can just be confident knowing that you will be nice to them when and only when they finally behave as you want!

3 Tell your children to do as you say not as you do!

My father gave me sound advice (although we don’t see each other anymore, don’t know why) but you may like to heed his wise words. If you are in a bad mood, being disrespectful to others and not trying you’re hardest, when your child pulls you up and says that it’s not fare, remember to tell them that they must ‘Do as you say and not as you do! (I am glad to say it works every time).

4 Put off what you can do today, that which you can do tomorrow (at least until you have more money).

If you feel justified in knowing that today is not a good day to make positive changes stick to your convictions because you must have a good reason, you may like lots of parent’s you have no time, no money, it’s not your fault, you working to hard, you don’t know how or why you should? True?

Ha ha, OK, jokes over, it made me laugh for a while, but really and truly these are often reasons why we don’t make positive changes in our life. However I know that it’s no good looking at what we don’t want in our life because we get more of what we are focussing on. So let’s turn that around and see what would you have to do to make positive changes in your child’s behaviour, I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

1-----Open to new ideas
2 -----Positive
3 Set a good---------------
4 Start-------------------

If you want to make positive changes in your child’s behaviour start today! you can download ‘A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour’ within minutes!

Have a great day! Ruth :)

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